The Connection between Sobriety and Spirituality


What is spirituality and what is its connection with sobriety? If an addict is serious about finding the truth, a clean and sober Christian society (ACSCSN) can give him the right solution at the right time. The first step to spirituality is humbleness. It means surrendering the self-will and preparedness to follow his (higher power) will. It is the most difficult (sometimes impossible) task. It means acceptance of powerlessness over the substance or alcohol. Many of the addicts are unwilling to do it. Why is it so?

Mental Twist

Psychologists call it a state of mental twist. It could be acquired from childhood or teens due to several reasons. The individual is unable to see the world as it is without any phobia. He may be dependent on something or somebody to hide his defects and pretend everything is ok.

Once he gets hold of a substance or alcohol, his fears and phobias (seem to) dissolve. He becomes confident and it leads to defiance of everything that once scared or dominated him. He thinks it is the time for giving back what he got from his family, community and the society as a whole. He needs solid support, which only the two forms of addictions can give.

ACSCSN – How it works

A clean and sober Christian society doesn’t impose any dogmas or laws to follow. The addict is free to follow the rehab program or leave it alone. It is the experience he goes through, which transforms him into a sober individual.


ACSCSN can create hope for a sober and prosperous life for today and the future. It encourages the addict to take an honest inventory of his defects while in the program. For many of them, it could be a hard nut to crack in the beginning. With true humbleness comes the strength to accept many of the bitter truths as they are. There is also a willingness to change for the better. Then the rays of realistic hope enter the darkened mind and heart of the recovering addict.


Strength comes from acceptance of defeat and unmanageability of life. ACSCSN can help him to communicate with the counselors and other recovering addicts in the program. When the addict finds that he is not alone, his strength really starts working.


ACSCSN can provide practical solutions to get and stay sober one day at a time. Willingness to follow the steps can lead to a happy and contented sober life.