What Features One Christian Drug Rehab Center Should Have?

Addiction is a hard disease but getting away from it is even harder. Sometimes you need someone who will follow you on this journey and offer you his support. This is one of the reasons why many patients turn to Christian drug rehab center for help. Here you can experience Bible-based teaching in a sober and calm environment. But, if you have ever been to church, you know that not everyone has the behavior that lines up with Christ’s standard. So, before you attend this program, you need to be sure it’s appropriate for you. But Christian drug center can offer you a couple of things other establishments can’t.

Unconditional love

This is the best evidence and the most basic proof that individual or an organization has genuine intentions. Do love each other there?  Are new people loved and respected when they arrive? In Christian, philosophy love is the most important commandment. Unconditional loveIf you still doubt the honesty of one institution, then you can see how they behave towards people. Recovering addicts need to feel loved and respected to improve. This is one of the best features one institution can offer you.

Presence of true faith

Presence of true faithAnyone can say they believe, but only real believers live by God and show it by their actions. So, when you are reviewing their service, you need to see whether there is an evidence of true faith and whether they rehab center is based on Christian principles. One way to discover they intend to ask them a couple of simple questions. For example, what is the recent example of something that you had to believe in God, and how did he come through for you? How does believing in God translates into action for your rehab center?


This is one of the best features one center can have. Christian rehab center should be a place where people are humble and don’t exhibit pride. The pride tends to lead people into argument, combat and to think they are better than anyone else. On the other hand, humility makes people apologize, ask for forgiveness when they are wrong. But, unfortunately, humility is a rare feature, but it’s very refreshing when you find it. It will refresh your mind and heal your body, so once you find this type of center, stick to it.